Women’s Garden – Big Announcement (3 of 3)

Women’s Garden – Big Announcement (3 of 3)

In my last post I introduced my wicking bed design for 2018 and today I’m very excited to announce a very special project I will be doing with one of the beds: all of the produce I grow (of good quality) from this bed will be donated to the Victoria Women’s Transition House throughout the spring and summer of 2018. My target is to donateĀ at least $300 worth of homegrown produce.

This gives me weighted motivation to grow as much as can in this garden bed. There are a few strategies I am employing to reach this goal of an abundant harvest to donate to women in need:

Fast-Growing and Long-Harvest Seed Varieties

For crops that usually yield a single harvest, for example, carrots, lettuce, beets, and turnips, I’ve selected seed varieties that mature quickly. As an example, I will be growing lettuce varieties that mature in 30-45 days in contrast to other varieties that can take 55+ days to mature. On the other side of the equation, I’m also including some crops that bear a continuous harvest until frost (indeterminate tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers).

Successive Plantings

I will be aiming for three successive plantings from March through May/June to yield harvests from April through September. This means that I will be planting three different crops in the same space during the year. I can do this by growing fast early season drops such as radish, turnip, and mustard greens first, followed by a spring planting of fast-growing lettuce, carrots, etc., before finally putting in my summer crop of tomatoes, cukes, basil, beans, etc. in late May/June.

Growing Up, Down, and All Around

I will be using a trellis to grow crops such as peas, cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes vertically upwards. Other crops, such as tumbling cherry tomatoes, will grow down the sides of the garden bed. Then, fillers such as lettuce, basil, bush beans, and peppers will fill in the spaces all around.

Beauty and Deliciousness

“Beauty and Deliciousness” is becoming an unintended tagline/credo for this blog following a post I made of the same name. The wicking beds will be no different: in addition to all the veggies I’ve mentioned, I will include colorful herbs, strategic design, and bright blooms to ensure that this bed is not only delicious to eat but also beautiful to look at.

How to Help

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and/or care about supporting women in need, I would be most grateful for a donation in any amount to help with this project.

The costs for this project include the construction materials for the wicking bed, the soil, seed, and fertilizers. Of course on top of these monetary costs are the costs of my time to raise transplants, plant seed, tend to the garden, harvest and deliver the produce to the women at Victoria Women’s Transition house.

You may have noticed that I quietly snuck in a “Donate” button on the right side of this page a couple months ago. You can make donations via PayPal using this button, or by email to payments@rootandbud.ca.

Any 2018 donations that exceed my costs for this project will be donated directly to Women’s Transition House.

Follow This Project

Throughout 2018 I will be posting updates on this and my other wicking bed projects here on this blog, my facebook site, andĀ my Instagram page. Make sure you’ve subscribed/followed/hired a carrier pigeon if you want to keep up with the progress!

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