Wicking Bed – Big Announcement (2 of 3)

Wicking Bed – Big Announcement (2 of 3)

In my last post I mentioned that I was putting the finishing touches on my second announcement, and I’m very happy to be able to make that announcement today.

Here it is:

cedar wicking bed
Cedar self-watering wicking bed

You may be looking at the above picture and thinking to yourself, “Uh-huh. Okay. It’s a cedar garden bed. Nothing too exciting about that.” Allow me to explain: this is not your ordinary garden bed that you plop on the ground and fill with soil. This is a specially designed self-watering wicking bed.

A wicking bed is designed with an internal water reservoir and a wicking medium that draws water up from the reservoir into the soil layer. Instead of watering the soil from the top, plants draw their water up from the bottom. This leads to much less frequent watering, as plants are take only what they need and less water is lost to evaporation at the top of the soil.

The water reservoir is filled via a pipe that leads into the lower resevoir:

Cedar wicking bed
Pipe for filling the water resevoir

In 2018 I will be installing these self-watering wicking beds in several family and friend’s homes and I will be planting some beautiful and delicious edible gardens in the beds. I want to see how much I am able to grow in this small space. I will be utilizing successive plantings, fast-growing crops, and a vertical trellis to maximize the harvest yield. I will be posting updates on this project here on the blog, so follow along in 2018 to see how I’m growing!

My third announcement for 2018 is coming up next and it is an extension of today’s announcement. I am very excited about it, as it’s a very special way for me to use my skills and passion to support a worthy cause in my community. There will even be a way for you to get involved!

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