Kale Three Ways + Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Kale Three Ways + Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Well, I can’t quite believe it but today is the first anniversary of my very first blog post on Root and Bud! On May 16, 2017 I made a post with a recipe for my copycat version of Sweet Kale Salad and the Root & Bud seed was planted.

For my first blogiversary, here’s a look at everything that I’ve done over the past year and, in honor of that first kale-themed blog post, give you three of my favorite ways to use up an over abundance of kale.

Happy Blogiversary to Me – A Year in Review

Here is my list of all the Root & Bud accomplishments since my inception a year ago:

  • Started the blog (when my baby was just two months old!)
  • Published 40 blog posts, including one video
  • Moved the blog from the free wordpress.com onto a paid hosting site – yay, no more ads!
  • Grew pounds of beautiful and delicious food in my garden
  • Built and installed 4 wicking beds
  • Became an Organic Master Gardener
  • Donated $70 (and counting) worth of fresh garden produce to Victoria’s Women’s Transition House
  • Started gardens for 3 family and friends
  • Installed 2 large new sheet-mulched garden beds in my garden
  • Reacquainted myself with my writer’s voice
  • Learned some new tech skills
  • Clarified my personal mission and goals

And all of this was on top of raising a demanding 3 year old and 1 year old. This mama has had a busy year!

What the heck do I do with all my Kale?

Early last June I wrote a blog post about Why I Love Red Russian Kale. It’s the time of year when the overwintered kale is bolting and my newly seeded kale is starting to put forth some decently sized leaves. The wicking beds I’m doing this year include a nice mix of kale, so if you are one of my clients and are not sure what to do with your kale, read on!

The exciting thing (for me) about two of the three ways to use kale listed below is that my two boys will eat them with gusto (can you guess which two?!) This is no small thing – my almost 4 year old (!!) is notoriously picky but one of his favorite dinners is pesto noodles.

So, without future adieu, here are:

My Three Favorite Ways to Eat Kale

1. Smoothies

Two of my very early blog posts were recipes for smoothies that my family enjoys. This one for our Berry Mojito Smoothie is still one of our favorites. If you already have your own favorite smoothie recipe, try throwing some kale leaves into it. If you are not accustomed to greens in your smoothies, start with just one or two leaves and work up from there.

2. Salads

Kale leaves can be torn or sliced and tossed into a mixed salad with other spring salad greens. If you are new to eating kale salads, start light and work up to larger amounts as your tastes adapt.

You can also finely slice kale and use it, mixed with cabbage if you like, in a slaw. This is the idea behind my my Sweet Kale Salad recipe. We often chop up some kale and cabbage, mix it with some grated carrots, and slather it in Little Creek Dressing for a quick and easy weeknight slaw.

If you are really enjoying the kale salad thing, or think you may enjoy it more slathered in garlic, oil, and cheese, try my Kale Cesar Salad recipe!

3. Pesto

We eat a lot of pesto. I freeze huge batches of it in the summer and we eat it all year round. I posted a recipe for Oregano Pesto with Walnuts last June. I also make basil pesto in August and September and freeze it. When I freeze it I omit the nuts and cheese and add them when we are ready to use the pesto. We like using walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds. It’s at this time that I will also toss a few kale leaves into the food processor. I feel good serving this to my kids with some whole grain pasta and they devour it.

A Final Celebratory Remark

I’d like to make a final note of thanks to each of you who have have read my blog, liked my facebook posts, and followed me on Instagram. In particular I’d like to whole-heartedly thank those of you who have personally encouraged me and contributed to my projects, be it with your financial donation or as one of my wicking bed guinea pigs. One of the best gifts this blog and its’ associated projects have given me is the connections it has enabled me to make with family, old friends, and new friends. So, a big THANK YOU! I’m looking forward to what I can do in the next year!

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